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CAROL A. R. ANDREWS worked at The British Museum for over 28 years.

There she was the Senior Research Assistant in The Department of Egyptian Antiquities. Carol was closely involved with the Treasures of Tutankhamum exhibition held there in 1972; and she was the sole instigator of, and curator for, the hugely successful Egyptian Treasures from the British Museum exhibition, which toured through Hong Kong, Singapore and Shanghai in 1999. 

Carol was also the editor of the acclaimed book The Egyptian Book Of The Dead: The Book Going Forth By Day, published in 1994. 

CLIVE SAWYER is a real veteran in the Ancient art trade.

He has been active in business for over 40 years in both numismatics and antiquities.

In the 1990s Clive was on the ADA (Antiquities Dealers Association) committee and held the very first antiquities fair under the ADA banner to great acclaim. He specializes in Egyptian, Greek and Roman artifacts and coins with particular focus on terracotta objects.

Clive is a very respected professional known to both collectors and dealers alike. His substantial knowledge and experience in the field is a valuable asset for Apollo.

APOLLO is official partner and representative of RALF KOTALLA LABORATORY for the United Kingdom.

Ralf’s Laboratory has the best technical equipment strengthen by 34 years of experience in the Art business authentication – from Neolithic to 17th century porcelain. The Ralf Kotalla Laboratory establishes only top quality expert reports. These are outstanding by speed of analysis, precision of statements and layout.

We strongly believe that expert’s opinion backed with scientific data is the most secure way to determine the authenticity of each art object. The collaboration between our Auction House and Ralf Kotalla Laboratory can assure our customers of the dedication we have to fight forgery and offer only the best art pieces.

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SAMI FORTUNE WINTON helps clients and museums identify and acquire long lost treasures.

Passionate about Islamic art and antiquities Sami qualified with first class honours and a masters with Merit in Islamic art, architecture, and antiques from SOAS (School of Oriental and African Studies). Within the world of Islamic antiques his special area of expertise is in objects from Andalus or Islamic Spain. He is versed in a broad range of material culture from manuscripts, wooden carvings, coins, and Jewellery. Working with diverse clients and institutions, Sami is often in demand for his specialist knowledge of the Islamic world. He has aided private clients, world-renowned institutions, and National Museums in identifying, acquiring, and transporting critically rare objects.

Skilled in identifying fakes and forgeries. Sami has provided consultation to the London Metropolitan Police for his exceptional knowledge of numismatics and experience examining forgeries. He also teaches an annual class at Cranfield University on numismatic forgeries both contemporary and ancient.

Sami is also the curator and manager of the Datu-Sami Fortune collection. This collection specialises in numismatics from Andalus and more specifically from the Nasrid dynasty, builders of the Alhambra and the last Muslim rulers of Spain.

Sami retains a wide and specialist international network of collectors, museum curators and scientists, ensuring he is best placed to identify and analyse special works of Islamic art and antiques which Apollo Galleries places in its extraordinary auctions.


JAMES BRENCHLEY’s passion for antiquities is a family trait.

His passion lies in Egyptology where he adores researching and educating others in the field. This passion for ancient things was driven by his grandfather who had been avid collector of antiquity since the early 1950’s. The love of antiquities continued with James’ father who was also an avid collector. James had the pleasure of growing up viewing a Roman marble torso of which is grandfather purchased from Christies. James made his first purchase at the age of 15 of two objects from Helios Gallery Antiquities and Collector-Antiquities in 2006. Two Egyptian faience composite amulets of Bes and Anubis.

James is a specialist in Egyptian and Classical antiquities. His colorful experience includes that of Head of Ancient Art and Antiquities at Hansons Auctioneers of London and Derby in 2017-2018. James had the pleasure of handling and authenticating much of the beautiful collection of the late Julian Bird’s collection of Egyptian shabti and antiquity which was collected over a 40-year period.

He is a well-respected collector and dealer on the market and brings to Apollo a further touch of experience in authenticating and researching antiquities. He has a worldwide presence on many social media platforms where he offers valuable insight into the ethics of trade and understanding forgeries from the real piece of ancient art.